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Exam requirements for freshman admission

Freshman applicants are no later than December of the year they apply—official scores must be received by the end of January. When you report your ACT or SAT scores to one campus they will be shared with every University of California (UC) campus to which you've applied, if authorized on your UC application. Only your highest scores from a single sitting will be considered.

ACT with Writing – Code: 0454

Only the composite ACT score is used. If you take both the SAT with Essay and the ACT with Writing, we will convert your ACT score and SAT with Essay score to equivalent UC scores and use the test that gives you the higher score.

SAT with Essay – CEEB code: 004834

If you take the SAT with Essay more than once, we use only your highest overall score (combined reading, math and writing scores) from the same test sitting.

SAT Subject Tests – CEEB code: 004834

SAT Subject Tests are not required; UC Davis will consider SAT Subject Tests only if they benefit the applicant.

Admission Statistics

SAT: 1260-1480
Math: 630-790
Evidence-based Reading and Writing: 610-710

ACT: 28-34
All ranges reflect the middle 50% of students admitted. Learn more

Reporting Your Scores

You may report your official test scores to UC Davis at the time you take each test by requesting that your score report be automatically sent to UC Davis or any UC campus once it is available. If you've already received your scores, you can have additional score reports sent to UC Davis by contacting the testing agency for additional copies (ACT or College Board for the SAT with Essay and SAT Subject Tests). You only need to send your scores to one UC campus. We must receive official copies of your score report by the end of January to complete processing your application.